Fisher & Paylel PREMO Fixed CPAP Machine
Fisher & Paylel PREMO Fixed CPAP Machine
Fisher & Paylel PREMO Fixed CPAP Machine
Fisher & Paylel PREMO Fixed CPAP Machine

Fisher & Paylel PREMO Fixed CPAP Machine

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Introducing the latest in CPAP technology - The ICON™

The ICON CPAP Machine integrates Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s leading technologies into stylish, compact intelligent device to deliver a better night’s sleep for OSA patients. The F&P ICON also includes a digital clock, alarm and music playing capabilities to enhance patient adaptation to CPAP therapy.

SensAwake:  Patients commonly arouse from sleep which can sometimes
lead to a full awakening.  It is therefore important to provide as much comfort as possible during these awake states to help facilitate the return to sleep. SensAwake does this by searching for a pattern of irregular breathing which occurs at the transition from sleep to awake.  SensAwake™ senses this irregularity in flow and promptly reduces the pressure to aid the transition back to sleep.

The culmination of over two years intensive research and development, the ICON™ is a revolution in CPAP machine design.  Looking no more obtrusive in your bedroom than a clock-radio, its shape allows for a fully internal humidifier - keeping noise down and improving efficiency - and makes it something that fits comfortably at your bedside.


  • Contemporary and stylish design for any bedroom.
  • ThermoSmart and heated tube - Get more humidity to you and less condensation to your tube.
  • Built-in alarm clock-mp3 player - Wake up to your music in the morning!
  • One of the quietest CPAP machines presently on sale.
  • Includes Travel bag, tube, manuals, power cord, international plugs, compliance memory-stick and extra filters.

 ThermoSmart:  ThermoSmart technology is F&P's heated tubing humidification process where a heated tubing and humidifier work together to virtually eliminate condensation in your tube. By doing this, the F&P ICON provides a more comfortable nights sleep, improves sleep quality

Smart Stick: This technology allows your physician to access detailed reports about your sleep therapy. You are able to view efficacy reporting, including AHI and Leak, and compliance reporting from the screen of the machine.